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Check them out online at Owens recovery. Science dot com. Broadcasting physical therapists around the world is this is the PT pine cast. May I introduce to introduce you. Here’s your host, physical therapist, Jimmy McKay. Podcast Beth conversation happened at happy hour. Welcome to our. I wanna welcome through to show. Juca? Welcome to the program. Hey, jamie. Thanks for having me. I really we were almost classmate applied to Nazareth college. We were talking just before we hit the record button. I went to undergrad in western New York, and you went to Nazareth, which anybody knows in Rochester. And I got accepted to Nazereth, and it was all set to go there. And I was psyched there’s nothing against neither death loved it. I just wanted to be a little bit closer to family and friends. So I took a different route. But we were almost classmates you graduated Nazar in what seventeen can be useful in seventeen. So we were this close from Ardy known each other, drew. Mall world small missing good opportunity. But and I know Fiji. Well, yeah. All right. So let’s go into your store. We had a couple of our listeners reach out and say, hey, check, this guy out they wanted to find out some more about us. So they they kind of gave me a little bit of your back story did your bachelor of science Nazereth and Rochester, along with your DP, but outside of being a physical therapist, drew. You do something a little bit uncommon, and your professional athlete talk about that a little bit. Let the audience know. Yeah. So I’m playing across and it was in fifth grade played played other sports wrestled played hockey and the whole life, and I was in high school getting ready to be recruited and doing that whole Email coaches, try to go into college and end up going to address which, you know, found out at a p t program, and that’s kinda how I got involved through that room, and as I was going through school. I just kept play in my artists. And then eventually, you know, one of my teammates at the time goes once you sign up for a draft. And I never. Thought that some d three small school d three guy would you know, make it and the L and then eventually I got picked up in like a waiver wire sort of situation and a couple games into my first season. I ended up getting a start and and their amps I’ve been playing ever since being a little modest mean you’re in the all star game as well. Yeah. Yeah. That was two years ago. That’s not too shabby from going from waiver wire pickup to to get the start to, you know, make it an all star game is pretty cool. So talking about I mean familiar with the cross, but not so much major league across how does it work in terms of like, you said you went from a smaller program like Nazar? How does someone make it there is it just a tryout is scouting a little bit of both? Yeah. Livable’s every team. You know? I mean, they a, you know in the realm of professional sports, major league lacrosse, and even the cross in general is a little bit of smaller niche. There’s not like NBA NFL where they got scout going all the games and everything. He’s if you’re in the area that coach is he might come watch you play to to get some basically, pre measurements on how well you think you can stack up, but, you know, pretty much oils down to you know, if you’re a division one one guy a little bit more exposure just because the level of competition. There’s some teams will have an open tryout where they can sign up and and go to a location and try out not every team does though. And then the other option is you just throw your name in two player pool. And you hope they get picked up for the most part. So that’s gotta be pretty fun play being a professional athlete. Yes. You mentioned that majorly cross is in the NFL or the NBA still a professional schedule, you’re still competing against really really talented athletes in a regular basis. How how long is the major leagues east sixteen games? If you make it all the way to the championship usually about fourteen into regular season, schedule sounds like a grind are currently with Dallas Rattlers. Is that right? Yes. And no I was as of this year.

05:01 – 10:04

There’s actually the big thing in professional. Cross. Now is that a few of the veteran players have kind of branched off. And they’ve gotten a bunch of venture capitalists. And they’ve actually starting a new professional league. It’s called premier lacrosse Lee. A little bit different. It’s not they so cities in you know, there’s a team from Boston or New York or Chicago there’s gonna be team red white and blue, obviously, those aren’t the names, but and then each team will play in the same location each week, the location will change though. So it’s a tour based model. So so yeah, that is that is kind of cool. That’s a little bit different. Yeah. So one thing they’re trying to do is spread lacrosse get it a little bit more exposure. So the peel L is what it’s being called is actually going to be on the major NBC sports channels on cable television, which is huge which hasn’t really been done too much in the realm of across. So it’ll be it’ll be good year for lacrosse as a as a whole. I know that a sport that’s even smaller and not really consider majorly trying to triathlon is trying something pretty similar in terms of having teams and doing more of a tour model kind of. Cutting putting the sport on display instead of putting the city to a team sounds smart to me. Yeah. Especially I mean, if that’s the ultimate goal of trying to get exposure. I mean, the more the more is you can get on on your sporting them on the players, the better, you’re going to be especially, you know, if you’re trying to get more viewership. That’s one of the things even as lacrosse, the whole is, you know, the people that watch lacrosse are the only ones that watch professional across matter of getting more is to the to the game. And and growing at that way. So they have the best way to do it like your experience so far doing kind of dual role because you’re still practicing physical therapist. Yeah. Yes, hasn’t been the easiest thing to adjust to. But but it’s been it’s been it’s been a challenge. But it’s been interesting at the same time, you know, still being able to play in still having my full caseload, forty hours a week to a notes all that has been a challenge trying to adjust and get everything done, but you know, of make it happen working at sports PT in camillus when you’re when you’re in the grind of the sixteen. Game season when you’re out there, and you’re laying it such a high level. You’re also doing camps and clinics and stuff like that for for other athletes, balancing, those two has to be hard. What are some things that you bring to the field in terms of your is a physical therapist with teammates, your other people that you’re playing with the occasional stretching in the lacquer over, you know, some guys will occasionally asked me for advice. But not too often, you know, we have athletic great athletic training staff in every city I’ve been in. So, you know, luckily, I’ve been able to just go have them attempt to you, you know, especially if I’m not in New York, and I can’t really give you know listed by so pretty much just palm for the most part. But yeah. Other than just doing in the cage it’ll stretch of someone’s like, my hips really bother naked, especially outdoor thing. You know, keep it keep it, low key work at work and across lacrosse, that’s smart. You don’t want to give it away too many trade secrets either. That’s right. What’s on the horizon for you? Where’s this? Where’s this road? Good take. You know, if you didn’t really know you’d get here. Now here you are where do you think it’s going to go? Oh, that’s a good question. You know, I’m just hoping to make across last as long as I can obviously PT is first and foremost, just because it’s my day job and across doesn’t pay all the bills pay some of them, but not not too much. So, you know, I’m just hoping to play lacrosse as long as I can. And then once that’s over, you know, try to grow clinically as best as I can. I’m still trying to do that as best as I can outside of the season. But once the season rolls around it’s really hard to throw in. A course here there anything that’s not anything online continuing Ed like members that’ll be one of those things where kinda cross that bridge. I get there. Hopefully, I can become CFCS certified at some point in your future. Maybe no CS soon if I can so, but as far as PHD anything like that, hopefully, but that’ll be posted across, you know, over which hopefully another few more years left to me. But you never know do that do that to the best of your -bility. It’s exciting. There’s a PT involved such a level. What sort of things do you do off the field talk about that you? Yeah. So I kinda. Due clinics here in Syracuse where I’m based right now every so often working with another guy in professional across you set up a clinic Kinley do some clinics here with him. And then I’ve actually made my own business, and I travel I got a good amount of kids that I can then I can work with and I have been working with. I’m not sure if I plan on growing that anymore. We’ll see my sessions last anywhere from one to two hours. I’m faceoff Midi. Mcroy anybody who’s listening doesn’t know what that is in lacrosse after every goal or beginning of each quarter. They take the bombing put it directly in the middle of the field and two guys on each team. We take our sticks and we put him on the ground, and we most of the time Neil, and we tr- basic tighter wrestle for the ball to get possession. Because possessions, really important, I’m across more possessions. You have the more opportunities to score that’s pretty much what I do. And that’s what I teach for the most part. I’ll teach occasional on the run shooting stuff. The clinks will go through good warm up. And then I put him through various grills regarding the position, and I will occasionally do some.

10:04 – 15:03

Film review and kids have kids that are away at college. It’ll sometime semi some some videos like, hey, what can I improve on this driller? You know, you seeing anything and and so I’ll work with them. You’re able to bring any clinical knowledge terms, you trading sessions, either face to face or virtually. Yeah. That’d be it’s it’s our as optimal positioning a little bit. You know, what’s better? What worked you know? It’s really specialized, you know, it’s kind of more of a of leverage perspective at that point. You know, using your whether you want kids to use their quad more when they’re driving off or, you know, raise their up in the air, so they can use their gluts a little bit more. So on the situation like what you hear and leave a review on Google play. Brooks rehabilitation there institute of higher learning for sponsoring the show. Residency and fellowship opportunities is what they offer check him out a Brooks, IHL dot org, also hosting their fourth annual scholarly symposium. That’s going on June twenty second in Jacksonville, Florida in for may. Nation about the symposium can be found at Brooks H, L dot org. Keynote presentation this year by the editor of Jay Alan, jetty, Albion hand, doing some talks and some live podcasting looking for C E U’s into expand your knowledge base. Look, no further than Brooks H L dot org on the hind feet with three questions on the podcast. Are you ready to play three questions, drew? Goforth requests brought to you by our sponsors, Arias, medical staffing. They let PT’s do what they wanna do. Which is be anywhere. They wanna do it. Short term assignment long-term Simon’s. They find jobs all over the country. All fifty states. Yes, alaska. Yes. Hawaii Colorado people always ask it in the winter you under scape. The other call Florida’s. Well, they’ve got positions all over check them out online. AU R E are US medical dot com. You’ve you’ve been all over with your career playing in college playing professionally. I question drew where in the country. Would you wanna go if you had carte blanche? You can go anywhere. You want be peachy for thirteen weeks? Funny that actually did that for one rotation. Did you probably don’t find that? I’m I did I did it was end of twenty seventeen. I did it for one rotation down in Montgomery, Alabama. No offense to Montgomery, Alabama. But wouldn’t be the most ideal place. Love the people. I love the facility I was working at if I had a most ideal area to go to. Probably go to North Carolina or Maryland. I love love love both places. So wouldn’t when my spending a couple of weeks there? And that’s the cool part about this profession something that’s ideal to you might not be ideal to me and for someone else, but PT’s everywhere, so you can go to that that place that is ideal to you and find a position and help people. It’s awesome. Exactly. Yeah. Funny. How you can you can lose pick up and go somewhere and find a job. It’s pretty crazy. He can do that in the profession. So cool. Pretty cool. Second question. What’s something that you read that really inspired you? Oh, man. Kind of a nerd I have like a stack of six or seven like right next to my right next to the bed. But I am planning on reading. I haven’t gotten to yet the occasional like, it’s racial, quote, UC, you know, on social media, I scroll through a bunch and that kind of put things in perspective as far as time, and, you know, taking a moment to take the time in to assess yourself one other things who’s Tony Robbins a couple podcast with. Him as a as a guest lecturer, one of them was a suiting up with Paul rebel. Who’s actually a professional across player? He actually was one of the guys that started that league, and he interviewed Tony Robbins that a wonderful job and couple of things that Tony Robbins said that really spoke out, you know, taking a few minutes each day to reflect his is important things. I’ve I’ve listened to. I guess I could apply to a little bit more. So hundred percent love that. And even smaller world, I went to PT school Paul rebels. Cousin get here really cousin Stephen sent in front of me athletic questions. So yes, so small world love that. Love inspirational quotes, I definitely draw from those. I like those ’cause they’re short sweet. And to the point, and they they can also leave a lasting memory third. Question is who is someone the audience should know more about I will say this without a doubt is one person who I heard speak. I went to this was in November. I went to a the nickel institute of sports medicine athletic trauma conference in New York City and one person who I heard, and it was kind of really wild. By was Lynn. Neider Mettler she’s out of university of Delaware. And she’s done like a lot of research, if you even just Google her name, and you can I think it’s on the university of Delaware website, and it has all of her accomplishments, which she’s Ben into and she’s had like one hundred fifty different publications that her name is on. And it’s just kind of down all the things she’s done over the past couple of decades. And you know, she’s super knowledgeable and doing a lot not only with knees. She’s big into a C L rehab, but I’ve seen her do a lot of E N G studies and knee replacement. Studies even shoulder it’s kinda crazy kind of how many fingers extended out there.

15:03 – 18:38

And and she’s done a lot of great work. So if you have the opportunity to read anything from from her with her name on it, it probably one very good quality, but two is probably very informative as well. And her name is come up numerous times where we’ll get around the show those are three questions again from Arias are longtime sponsor love those guys a U R US, medical dot com. If you’re moving around, and you need to do about licensure housing continue education credits. They’ve got. You covered. They know how to do that between states, and they got positions. Like, I said all fifty states eight you are e US medical dot com. When does the next season star, what’s on the horizon for you pretty much in preseason training mode? I go to the gym fish times a week, depending on what I have going on. So pre-season training right now cope still coach kids. And then our first games don’t start until the first week in June. That’s awesome. And where can we catch any locations their schedule that we can, you know, somebody out there is listening wants to catch you taking a look at something that they’re still figuring out one hundred percent. They have a good idea. I will say you can follow premier lacrosse league. Their social media is at premier lacrosse on Instagram and Twitter. They do a good job of kind of blasting everything out there. So once pretty much once they know what’s going on throw it out there. So if you’re interested I’d say, follow them for sure. Well, hey, what we’ll do a beer in person when you’re in my neck of the woods will Macron’s and pass a really appreciate you taking some time out to talk lasting do on the. Show is the parting shots. This is the parting shots. The parting shot is brought to you by rock Tate. They’re more than just a tape company there movement company rock tape helps athletes every level go stronger longer with the best kinesiology tape, cutting education and fitness support products rock tape once people move, more and move better. Find them online at rock tape dot com slash medical. What one? Sentiment you’d wanna leave with the audience something that you’ve learned being a professional athlete and a PT at the same time, man. I don’t know if it’s necessarily a mic drop can be. Can be super corny is. If there’s something that you want to do you might as well, do it shows you get one shot at life and put it out there. You never know. What’s going to happen? Drew seminal. You can find him on Twitter’s. Well, very active there, and that is at Seminole d eleven s I am an EA you g eleven definitely definitely wanna follow your rear, man. I think it’s really cool. He’s got a physical therapist in there. Just the fact that you’re still you’re in there. And you’re you’re representing the profession wealth the professional level with the sport excited for that. And as soon as I found out about I was like, we gotta get this guy on the show. Glad we got to talk now. Yeah. I appreciate you. Taking time. Sounds great hope to have a beer and persons rubes cruciate have fluid. Thank you so much. At our home on the internet. Dot com. Created by build PT, build PT provides marketing services specifically for private practice. PT’s development and host inviting content marketing solutions PT clinics across the country. See what goods PT can do for you today dot com. The PT pine cast is a product of PT pint cast LLC it is hosted and produced by p t podcasts CEO Jim McKay and CBO sky Donovan from Marymount university. We talked PT drink beer and recorded. This has been another poor from the PT pine cast PD casts in ten for educational purposes. Only no clinical decision making should be based solely on wind source. Lump care is taken to ensure accuracy factual errors can be present. More on the show at PT. Pine casts dot com.