The University of South Carolina LIVE Part 1 with Alicia Flach, Josh Jeffery and Brandon Vaughn.

Alicia Flach

She Loves all things neuro and is a professor at the University of South Carolina. She is a board-certified neurologic specialist and multiple sclerosis specialist as well as a physical therapy faculty scholar at the Parkinson’s Foundation. – everything is experience based plasticity (emphasis on neuroplasticity…although I admit other systems experience plasticity too!)

Optimal physical therapy practice should aims to enhance experience-dependent plasticity – advocacy- for our profession, for our patients/clients, for our collective future. It can be a simple “action alert” email or as much as getting to know your state reps. we need to be at the table when PT and healthcare related decisions are happening, the decisions will move forward with or without us. I have to prioritize Recess Brewing Session IPA (Yellow Buss), distant second is cabernet.


Brandon Vaughn

The co-owner of a private practice in Columbia, SC called Vertex PT Specialists and the co-host of the Better Faster Podcast. Business/Entrepreneurship/Quality care (i.e. one-on-one vs mill clinics) Loading patients appropriately (i.e. combining strength and conditioning with PT)

Transitioned from 2.5 years of a one-man-show cash based clinic to a hybrid clinic that is limited in network.

Josh Jeffery

– Owner/Head Coach of Carolina Performance Training Coach at Carolina CrossFit Co-Founder of the Better Faster Podcast

Education: -Doctor of Physical Therapy Student, The University of South Carolina, expected completion 2019

-Master of Science, Exercise Science, University of South Carolina, 2015

-Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of Dayton, 2012 Relevant Certifications: -Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

-USAW Sports Performance Coach -CrossFit Level 2 Trainer -ORS Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation Training -RockTape Rock blades

Coaching History: -Carolina Performance Training, August 2015 – Present -Carolina CrossFit, November 2013 – Present –

Football Strength & Conditioning Intern, The University of South Carolina, May 2014 – August 2014

-Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning Intern, Th University of South Carolina, Jan. 2014 – May 2014

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