Jimmy went to Squat U with Aaron Horschig.  They talked about his book “The Squat Bible”, his movement theory and his joint by joint approach. He also hosts his own show on youtube called #AskSquatU. Links below

Aaron’s Bio:

Dr. Aaron Horschig is a physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, speaker and writer. After graduating with his bachelors in exercise science from Truman State University in 2009, he then went on to receive a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Missouri in 2012. Aaron now works at Boost Physical Therapy & Sport Performance in Kansas City Missouri.

Past patients have included professional football players from the NFL and CFL, minor league baseball players, European professional basketball players, Olympic weightlifters, numerous NCAA Division I & II athletes,  international level youth soccer players, CrossFit athletes and youth athletes in a variety sports.

Aaron’s background includes being involved in the sport of olympic weightlifting as an athlete and coach for over the past decade. His goal is to not only provide the highest quality rehabilitation to athletes who have sustained an injury, but to also help our sports medicine society become proactive in how we approach the athlete – both from a rehabilitation and training perspective.

His Book:

After developing unique and easy-to-use techniques on how to train and move well, Dr. Horschig shares his invaluable insights with readers in The Squat Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Squat and Finding Your True Strength. 

This detailed plan enables you to unearth the various weak spots within your body the areas that leave you in pain and hinder your ability to perform and completely change your approach to athleticism. Discover new strength, new power, and astounding potential you never knew you possessed.

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