by Curtis Tait

Accelerated Motion Physiotherapy, or AMP, grew out of our abundant enthusiasm for MSK Physiotherapy, and a shared frustration towards the regional offerings for continuing education. Basically, we started AMP as a way to organize and provide high level learning for physiotherapists to ‘accelerate’ their way towards clinical expertise.

AMP strives to be cutting edge, evidence based, and a good bit of fun. We do our best to make it about foreground, clinically relevant information. We keep it simple. A niche area for us is to cut through the noise of the rehab world, which is confounded by vested interests, outdated paradigms, and the inertia of the old school. We take every opportunity to dispel myths, challenge biases, foster critical thinking, and to promote self-reflection.

Our platforms for these efforts are both virtual and in-person. We’re actively engaged with a blog, facebook, twitter, and multiple continuing education courses in both Victoria and Vancouver BC.

Here’s a list of what we do:

  1. Host high level continuing education courses in Western Canada.
  2. Teach courses that weave together clinical reasoning, pain sciences, and high yield clinical techniques.
  3. Deliver Evidence In Motion’s tDPT program.
  4. Process and translate important evidence into easy to read infographics.
  5. Prepare thought provoking blogs that offer perspective and insight on all kinds of MSK topic areas.
  6. Mentor students and clinicians who want to see it all in action.


Follow us on twitter and facebook, and check out our website for blogs and upcoming courses. Stay curious.

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