Live show from Marymount University on 9/9 in Arlington VA with Marymount Professors Skye Donovan and Jason Craig.  PTs Amanda Hall & Amy O’Malley were also on the show with a live studio audience.

Skye talked about what to pay attention to as a student navigating your way through your first year as a PT student what what to remember to thrive.

Amanda talked about the PT’s role for adaptive equipment from least restrictive intervention AND most efficient way to move AND physiological needs. As well as the importance of adaptive activities and community involvement for individuals with disabilities (Kids In Action program as an example from HSC in Washington DC.

Amy focused on student mentoring, and what things to go towards, as well as what things to avoid in mentoring, And she added a parting shot to remember why you’re here, and forget about the loans.

Jason focused on the question, “Who do we think we are?” as PTs. There’s so much garbage going around from within the profession. We ain’t all that.  He tells the students listening to remember why you started. You wanted to help people, no matter the cost. Now the cost seems more important. And to focus on the fact that PT school is a marathon, not a sprint. You cannot start your career from the middle of someone else’s career. Earn your stripes, gain your skills and be patient.