Seven Reasons to upgrade your Website’s Domain Extension
to .Physio

The biggest change to the Internet since the Internet itself is here. The address system has been
upgraded so that the common domain name extensions of .com, .org and the country codes are
being joined by over a thousand new ones. These new domain extensions will create new identities,
communities and brands.
The world physiotherapy and physical therapy community is fortunate to be in the vanguard of this
digital revolution with the new domain extension .physio.
There are many advantages for physiotherapists and physical therapists to upgrade to a .physio

We asked the early adopters where they saw the value and four common themes

1) Connecting their brand with a strong profession-specific brand
The term ‘physio’ is incredibly powerful, because it has just one meaning. It is recognised worldwide
and is trusted. By connecting their brand to the ‘physio’ brand the combination produces benefits
for both.

2) Immediate credibility and uniqueness
The .physio domain extensions are only available to members of the physiotherapy and physical
therapy community. They offer a level of credibility and uniqueness akin to the title protection value
of licensure.

3) Short, relevant and memorable website address
The current domain extensions are of little value. By utilising the term ‘physio’ to the right of the dot
the domain name becomes shorter, more relevant and far more memorable.

4) Inherent Search Engine Optimisation benefits
Research is showing that .physio domains rank higher in searches because of their brevity and
relevance. They are also have greater click-ability (more people click on them) and stickiness (people
stay longer on the site).
Now we would like add three more reasons to upgrade your website domain to .physio:

5) Branded Navigation
A .physio extension means your brand is now your domain name. Now you need only provide one
piece of information, for example ‘’. In a single phrase it says who you are, what
your do and where to get found. Build the domain into your logo and a single graphic says it all.

6) Intellectual Property protection
You have worked hard to build your brand and you need to protect it by securing the .physio domain
extension. Whether you plan to use the domain immediately or never, you simply cannot allow your
competitor or namesake to drag traffic away.

7) Build an Asset
Domain names are assets and there exists a secondary market where domains are bought and sold.
By building a website and a brand, your domain name can grow in value to be counted on your
balance sheet. It can be sold with your business or separately.
To register your .physio domain name simple go to

Glenn Ruscoe is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who works in private practice in Perth, Western Australia. Glenn grew his practice from a solo operation to an employer of twenty staff, and then successful sold it. During that time he also taught Dry Needling to over a thousand physiotherapists, presided over the State Chapter of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Chaired the Physiotherapy Board of Australia, and earned a Masters of Business Administration and a Fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapy. Glenn’s latest project is to unite and promote the profession online with the .physio domain extension.