5 pieces of technology that every PT clinic must have within the next 5 years!

Technology is changing faster than most PT clinics can comprehend! With tech becoming cheaper and patients demanding more direct interactions with their healthcare professionals, here’s a list of the top 5 technological requirements!

1 – Communication, communication, communication! (did we mention communication?)

PT clinics are heading in the right direction with more marketing dollars focused on direct access patients, but how do you seal the deal?  Your website needs to have some direct on-demand patient engagement! And when patients are being treated, a definite secure texting application is a must!  Lacking either one of these will be seen (and currently should be seen) as having a PT clinic with no telephone! As Jerry Durham always says, “Meet the patient where they’re at!”

2 – Telehealth

Patients are already starting to see parts of the medical profession use telehealth, and physical therapy patients are simply going to demand this. Jump on early and become comfortable before the vast majority of patients require it, and you’ll be miles ahead of your competition!

3 – Social media – (done right)

No, opening a twitter account and stuffing it with emotional motivational content is not getting you any new patients…but that shouldn’t disqualify social media from playing part in marketing your practice! You need content, video > still images, and it has to be personal to your clinic! Do this right and reach out using facebook ads/google ads, and you’ll start down a path of higher engagement on social media.

4 – Email list + video content

Keep your patients informed of your clinic’s activities and even a small video sent inside with your newsletter can quickly raise engagement and awareness vs. a simple email blast with text only.

5 – Bots!

These can easily be used to take the load off of the front office! With more workload always being the rule and not the exception, many niche bots that can automate small tasks in paperwork/dealing with insurance/call reminders for tomorrow’s appointments/etc will be a must and will play a large part in the PT clinic of the future being a well oiled machine!
Rob Vining is the co-founder of PTlive who’s a 14 year PT. He’s been able transition into building technology and sharing what he’s learned on his podcast “PT TechTalk” (www.PTTechTalk.com) that he co-hosts with fellow tech-PT Dave Kittle. Sign up as a PT or PT clinic using the referral email of [email protected] and receive a bonus as soon as your clinic and PT license is verified.