Name of the app:


Who makes it:

Dawn Gulick who’s a PhD PT ATC who’s also a professor @ Widener University

What is their website / where can you find more info about it:

What does the app DO:

 It gives you special tests and Manual techniques in your pocket at the touch of a few buttons. This comes loaded with more than 350 orthopedic exam techniques and special test with High quality photos and descriptions. Need to know the sensitivity, specificity or likelihood ratio of a test? Sure, we all do. iOrthoPlus has got it. Plus, since you’re a PT, its got 1,100 reference links to the literature. Need a manual technique refresher, it’s got more than 100 of those with pics and descriptions too.

What platforms does it run on:

Get the APP here:

What does it cost:

They give you a free trial access to the entire app first as a test drive, which is nice. Lots of apps don’t give access to the full app off the bat with no payment. After that it’s $14.99 for the whole thing. It’s frequently updated and after your initial purchase, you don’t have to pay a membership or fee, which, is also nice.

Does it make your life easier as a PT:

 Yes! This is just like those Ortho Notes, Neuro Notes, sports notes flip books… which is not a coincidence because Dawn, the creator of this app, helped to create those! Ease of use is high, the menu is intuitive and simple and to the point. In short, this app does what you want it to,and nothing more. Speed is good, because we never have any time in clinic. The only draw back that we can see is we wouldn’t mind some videos to go along with it, but we’ll take what comes loaded with the brevity of what iOrtho+ delivers.
Score (0 – The Perfect 6-Pack) : 5.5 Beers