We ask experts in different aspects of PT to answer 1 question with a 6-pack of answers.

Today we ask Louis Teal of Aureus Medical Staffing,

“What are the top 6 best ways to use social media in travel PT?

1> Connect with the best recruiters and be open to chatting with them via messenger.  We know it is hard to have a 15 minute conversation right away.  Messaging is a great way to talk basics and even schedule a good time to talk.

2> Join groups regarding travel therapy to gain information about how travel works.  This will give perspectives from both travelers and recruiters.

3> Post blogs about your experiences.  Blogs are a great way to show why you chose travel therapy and to be a de facto scrapbook of sorts. 

4< Post your gorgeous travel pictures with the world.  Want to make your old college friends and ex’s jealous?  Throw up a picture hiking Pike’s Peak or hitting up the beach! 

5< Create a business page for your therapy services.  This is a great way to brand you as an expert in your field.  You can throw up videos of exercises so your patients can refer to it and things of that nature.

6< Keep your LinkedIN profile up to date.  This is basically your online resume.  Show off who you are and what skills you have! 

To find out more follow: Louis’ blog @  https://linkedupwithlouis.wordpress.com/