We go back to episode 71 with Danny Matta and talk Tactical Athlete PT, opening a cash based PT practice from scratch and his podcast Doc & Jock.


Danny’s Bio:

Dr. Danny Matta is a coach, physical therapist, educator and founder of Athletes’ Potential. He is considered a world re-nowned leader in the fields of rehab, sports medicine, tactical athlete consulting and human performance optimization. Danny is able to use his experience as a physical therapist and a strength coach to improve all aspects of human performance.

Danny is currently the founder of Athletes’ Potential, a physical therapy and performance optimization practice in Atlanta, GA. He is also one of only 8 instructors in the world for the MobilityWod group, founded by Dr. Kelly Starrett.

Danny received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Baylor University. He is a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has advanced training in joint mobilization, joint manipulation, soft tissue release techniques and Performance Dry Needling.

Danny spent 7 years active duty in the U.S Army as a physical therapist. He had the distinct privilege of working with a range of soldiers from amputees learning how to walk again, to the highest-level Special Operations soldiers getting ready for deployments. Danny served with the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii from 2010-2013. He was the only direct access Physical Therapist responsible for management of injuries and injury prevention for a Brigade of 4000 soldiers during this time.

Danny has been an instructor in a variety of different settings. From local consulting with CrossFit gyms/athletes, to international teaching as an instructor for MobilityWod. He most recently took over as the Director of MobilityWOD Tactical and is a direct consultant to numerous tactical organizations such as FBI SWAT, U.S Army and Combined Arms Group.

About Athlete’s Potential

Athletes’ Potential was founded on the idea that the client comes first. Healthcare quality is at an all time low. Many people pay for healthcare not just with their money but also with their time. Time is the most valuable resource we all have.

Our goal is to help out clients live a high performance pain free life. If you like to do CrossFit, we’ll help you stay healthy while you train. If you love tennis, we’ll get you back on the court and keep you there so you enjoy quality time with your friends/team that you love. If you’re a runner and have aspirations of doing your first half marathon, we’ll help you accomplish that goal!

We want our patients to know that we have their best interest at heart. We also want to be a resource for our community, coaches, athletes and trainers around the world. We constantly put up new videos, podcasts and blog posts to help our community stay healthy and perform at their highest level.

About Mobility WOD Tactical

Over the past 10 years MWOD has been quietly working with many branches of the military and law enforcement. Our goal has been simple. Help these men and women preserve their greatest asset which is their own body. We call this “preserving the human capital”.

Across the Department of Defense there are almost 1 million non-combat related musculoskeletal injuries per year. It’s an astounding amount of injuries and costs billions in medical care, lost training time and disability when our soldiers leave service.

The problem is massive and our solution is to teach these men and women how to move well, train correctly and perform basic maintenance on themselves. By doing so we get a two fold response of both decrease injuries and increased performance.