We ask experts in different aspects of PT to answer 1 question with a 6-pack of answers.

Today we ask Sunny Snook of Aureus Medical Staffing, the Leader in #Travel PT placements.

“What are the first 6 things you would tell someone to do when they start looking for a PT travel assignment?”

  1. Get to know what travel PT is all about from a recruiter and ask them if you can speak to a traveler. Research is key!

  2. Select a recruiter that you trust and have a great relationship.  You want a recruiter who is transparent and tell you the facts, not selling you what you want to hear.

  3. Know the financial obligations to travel because there is a cost to travel.  For more info, check out this blog: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cost-starting-healthcare-travel-career-sunny-snook

  4. Be open to different locations and settings so that you are marketable.  The more open you are, the more experience you will gain which then allows you the ability to get the more desirable assignments later on.  So start out with being very open and flexible.  

  5. Act as though you are interviewing from the moment you start your travel search.  Your recruiter will be your best friend but it begins with earning professional credibility from the start. Remember that healthcare is a small community, your reputation means the world so protect it by putting your best foot forward each and every time.  

  6. Do a self-check!  Travel is 13 weeks and can be lonely at times so how adventurous/social/__________ are you on your own?  Are you a go-getter?  Do you require hand holding? All things to consider before putting on the travel hat.

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