We ask experts in different aspects of PT to answer 1 question with a 6-pack of answers.

Today we ask Dr. Becky Bliss, PT, DPT, NCS, “What 6 things do PT’s who treat patients post concussion NEED to do?”

Here are Becky’s answers:

  1. Check the neck! To include ROM, Ligament instability testing and Cervical JPE!!

  2. Examine oculomotor function to include saccades, NPC and smooth pursuits and ocular alignment

  3. Rule out vestibular impairments! Head Thrust, DVAT, VOR, VOR Cancellation!

  4. Use objective measures to track functional progress!! FGA, DGI, HiMAT, BESS, Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test, etc!

  5. Multidisciplinary team approach is essential!

  6. Be creative and insure you treat impairments related to function!

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