Jimmy sat down with one of his former professors from Marymount University, Jason Craig.  Jason is the creator of Morphopedics.com. They talked about the creation of the page, how it’s content is added and how far the information has spread since its inception.  Jason reminds student and new PTs alike to be comfortable with the uncertain, and focus less on “getting the right answer.”


Jason’s Bio:

Dr. Jason Craig has the unique perspective of having studied, and been on faculty, at one of the premier physiotherapy schools in the United Kingdom and having translated that foundation to become an educator in the United States. This global perspective provides distinct insights into the practice of physical therapy and the management of patients.

Dr. Craig has spent a considerable amount of his career working with athletes of all skill levels, from the upcoming teenage athletes to college stars, right up to Olympic hopefuls and world-class competitors. This work has allowed him to travel the world assisting athletes in pursuit of their dreams on the stage of world competition.

Dr. Craig brings his passion for the use of technology to his teaching with the incorporation of a variety of platforms used to communicate the information students require to be successful in their careers as physical therapists.

Morphopedics Info:

Morphopedics.com is a new way to study Orthopedics.

This site parallels the Orthopedics Courses at Marymount University and should be used as a resource to enhance your learning of the great subject of orthopedics. This site however is different to straight-up read and regurgitate learning. This site offers you the chance to add to the knowledge base by submitting your own pages and ideas to enhance everyone’s opportunity to improve their skills.

Traditionally faculty teach from textbooks and journal articles. Students are ‘supposed’ to write copious notes, rewrite them into words they can understand and then reproduce that information at a given moment – usually under the stress of an examination.

Morphopedics aims to change that traditional learning model into a much more fluid transition of learning with the flow moving from faculty to student, from student to student and from student to faculty.

Morphopedics offers everyone involved in this class to share their insights and the fruits of their research as we all move towards the goal of becoming more skillful practitioners.