What’s APPening?

Name of the app: Nerve Whiz
Who makes it: The University of Michigan (Wolverines!)
What is their website / where can you find more info about it?

What does the app DO?

It’s an amazing map to the peripheral nervous system.
Get deep into nerve roots, plexuses, and peripheral nerves. This app goes beyond a simple nerve chart to help medical professionals interpret clinical examinations. Users select which muscles are weak or point to where the patient has sensory loss and the application suggests possible diagnosis, complete with relevant pictures and diagrams. Sort by Muscle, Nerve, Root, Trunk, Cord or Action’s of muscles of the upper and lower extremity Diagrams from Root, Plexus, and nerve. And a sensory localizer.
The app even has an amazing story behind its creation. Nerve Whiz was financed by the Jerry Isler Neuromuscular Fund. Jerry was diagnosed with a painful neuromuscular disease affecting his legs when he went to the university of michigan to seek treatment all the way from London. He was SO happy with the care he received at U-M, So, with his wife, established the Jerry Isler Neuromuscular Fund in late 2009 to support U-M research and education related to neuromuscular disorders. and that’s where some of the funding for the creation of the app came from!

What platforms does it run on?

All 3!

What does it cost?


Does it make your life as a PT easier?

Yes… this is a great reference tool that is REALLY easy to use, takes SOME getting use to it’s navigation which is probably it’s only drawback, but once you get used to it it’s an amazing resource.

How many beers does it get (out of a 6-pack)?

Nerve whiz gets 5/6 beers, the only drawback is that the navigation can take some getting used to, but ultimately this is a definite download app.