In this episode, guest host and APTA President Sharon Dunn polls the students at National Student Conclave in Miami, FL. Student from around the country share their thoughts regarding the PT curriculum, the current state of the PT field, and, of course, dish some dirt along the way. What are students doing to put PT on the map? What makes the perfect clinical experience? And who’s dating in the first year class at the University of Colorado? Tune in to find out!

  1.     If you could change 1 thing about PT or PTA school what would it be?
  2.     What’s your dream job post grad and why?
  3.     What do you think we need to get better at as a profession?
  4.     Why did you decide to go to PT or PTA school?
  5.     What are YOU going to do in your career to put physical therapy on the map – to make a difference?
  6.     What role do you want APTA to play in your future?
  7.     What can APTA do to make you want to be a member for life?
  8.     What’s one thing from NSC so far that you’re going to take back and share with your classmates?

NSC 2016: Live from Miami supported by the American Physical Therapy Association.

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