In this episode Jimmy talks with Michele Lobo from the University of Delaware.  She is the Founder and Director of the Super Suits FUNctional Fashion and Wearable Technology Program at the University of Delaware, aka “Sew Baby Sew”.  Much like its sister program, Go Baby Go, Michele and her many collaborators are solving the problems with wearable mobility devices.

In this episode, Jimmy drinks a Saint Arnold Amber Ale and chats with Dr. Michele Lobo of Sew Baby Sew.

Michele Lobo, PT, PhD, received her MPT from Hahnemann University and Movement Science PhD from the University of Delaware. She has been a visiting researcher at The Free University of Amsterdam, and the University of California, Berkeley. She has focused her research on the development and testing of early intervention and devices for maximizing participation, play, and learning. Her research group funded by the NIH and DOE includes members from the fields of rehabilitation, developmental psychology, engineering, and fashion. They recently developed the first exoskeletal garment for rehabilitation. She is currently working on a multi-site EI study, and developing and testing a range of low- to high-tech clothing aimed at increasing independence and function.

Highlights include:

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