In this episode, APTA President Sharon Dunn returns to the show to share words of wisdom and congratulate the class of 2016 #FreshPT grads. In this episode host Jimmy McKay enjoys a Brooklyn Summer Ale.

Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD, OCS received her BS in PT in 1987 from LSU Health Sciences Center in her hometown of Shreveport, LA. She has since completed a Master’s of Health in ’96 and a PhD in Cellular Biology and Anatomy in ’06. She has been a faculty member at LSU since 1990, currently as an Associate Professor and Chair of the Rehabilitation Sciences Department. Since beginning service through the professional organization as a student, Sharon has served as the State Government Affairs Chair; Louisiana chapter President, Vice President, and Delegate; and was most recently elected APTA President.

From the mind of the woman in the oval PT clinic, highlights include:

 Technology: the strength of today’s grads, a topic that will also be debated at the upcoming #APTANEXT Conference by Chris Powers, PT, PhD, FAPTA and Shirley Sahrmann, PT, PhD, FAPTA (3:19)

 How do you own your own practice? Perseverance, tenacity, and “owning how you bring your absolute best to every patient every day” (6:08)

 Am I still going to love my profession in 30 years? Sharon’s DOs and DON’Ts for avoiding burnout (9:48)

o Including #JugglingSmart and a shout out to recent guest of the show, Skye Donovan, PT, PhD, OCS (11:56)

 “Life was not intended to be all work and no play.” – Figuring out how long to wait before starting your first job after graduation (13:46)

 A twitter question from John Huang, SPT: what changes need to be made to best push the brand of PTs as movement experts? (15:53)

 Is the juice worth the squeeze? Why the APTA needs you and you need them

o Including a shout out to upcoming guest of the show Emma Stokes, BSc, MSc, MSc Mgmt, PhD, and to the Marymount U faculty (19:53)

 100,000 downloads, G’s power wheelchair, and the official news on the future of the Pintcast (24:45)

 #PartingShots: Bring your best every day (28:05)

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For a preview of the 2016 Oxford Debate at #APTANEXT , visit: