Ep. 72: Why you should “Get PT 1st” with Sean Hagey: In this episode, Jimmy chats with the man, the myth, and the legend, behind the #GetPT1st movement, Sean Hagey, PTA. Sean enjoys a Whiskey Coke, and Jimmy enjoys a Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA.

Highlights include:

  • It’s time to get the word out – how #GetPT1st began (2:18)
  • Research sources are great, but aren’t always the most important thing (5:06)
  • Let’s not be afraid, let’s be aggressive about tooting our own horn! (7:40)
  • Shareables and downloadables that take the marketing work out of it and the
  • 3 major messages they send to the public (9:13)
  • It’s time to do some big things! Jumping the gap to a crowd funding campaign (13:31)
  • HOLD ON, first you need a word – why DIY marketing may not be the best (15:54)\
  • All hands on deck! Let’s get involved – the next #GetPT1st media day (17:42)
  • #PartingShots: sometimes it’s the right thing to do the right thing, even if you don’t get paid for it (21:27)

Follow the movement on Twitter @GetPT1st and visit www.GetPT1st.com or the GetPT1st Facebook page to find shareable graphics and more so YOU can get involved in spreading the word, too! Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #GetPT1st It’s as simple as sharing a graphic or story