The fun continues in the second episode from the PT Political Action (PT PAC) Federal Advocacy Forum in Washington, DC.

First pint:

Jimmy chats with Alexis Morgan, SPT and Director of Communications on the APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD), and #FreshPT Natalie Wilson, DPT. They each enjoy Capitol City Amber Waves.

Highlights include:

  • #PTadvocacy: putting a face to the name, impacting lives, and promoting value of your skill set (1:34)
  • The 60 second elevator pitch that may make a politician’s ears (and other parts of his body) go up (4:30)
  • Bringing students together and building relationships – goals and what’s up with SABoD (6:50)
  • Including shout outs to Kayla Keckeisen, Jillian Tanych, Tom Mork, Brian Tachibana, Cynthia Rauert, Matt Gratton, Scott McAfee, Ryan Maddrey, and Alexia-Rae Reed
  • Ironmanning to NEXT? (8:23)
  • #PartingShots: getting your shit together and showing up will springboard the rest of everything #dropthemic

Find Alexis on Twitter @AlexisMorganPT and Natalie @nataliegwil

Second pint, starting at 11:52:

Jimmy chats with #FreshPT Stephanie Weyrauch, DPT of Thief River Falls, MN. They both enjoy Capitol City Amber Waves.

Highlights include:

  • Why advocacy? We’re all politicians trying to get something done (12:50)
  • Sexyphones: the fully female saxophone band
  • If you’re listening, Mike Matlack: a solution to address contribution to the PAC and a challenge for every PT (15:30)
  • AND, how to go to conferences WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY! (21:40)
  • #PartingShots: For the #FreshPTs – win, don’t settle (23:09)

Find Stephanie on Twitter @TheSteph21

Third pint, starting at 24:40:

Jimmy chats with Tera Gwaltney, SPT, PTA, a second year student from East Tennessee State University. She enjoys a 2009 Napa Cabernet, and Jimmy enjoys a Capitol City Gose.

Highlights include:

  • The unique perspective of a PTA turned DPT student, and a shout out to a former show guest Brad Thuringer, PTA (26:34)
  • SNF work: get used to feces, urine, breasts, and penises; and don’t forget, this could be your MOTHER or GRANDMOTHER (29:49)
  • #NameDrop of inspiring clinicians – Tamra Ford, Diana Freyaldenhoven, Tanji McCadney, and Trinity Johnston (31:37)
  • #PartingShots – get comfortable at being uncomfortable #LetsGetWeird

Find Tera on Twitter @TGwaltney