In this episode, Jimmy enjoys a New Belgium Accumulation IPA and a chat with Julie Wiebe, PT, MPT, BSc  about that thing down there… the thing we all shy away from: the pelvic floor.

“Incurably curious” therapist Julie Wiebe specializes in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy, and advocating for pelvic health awareness in the fitness realm. Her blog, videos, and social media platforms promote knowledge of innovative solutions for women, and her online or DVD educational programs provide evidence-based, integrative approaches to professionals and individuals internationally.

Highlights include:

  • It’s not just about pee, poop, and sex – recognizing the pelvic floor as a powerful ally (2:27), And, per input from other pelvic health PTs Carrie Pagliano and Sarah Haag, how it’s only weird if you make it weird
  • This person needs help RIGHT NOW? No problem – intervening without getting internal (5:29)
  • How YOU became a pelvic health therapist without even knowing it??! #PelvicHealthForAll (7:30)
  • #EastoftheAnus – the difference between internal and external intervention (9:25)
  • P.S. boys, there are male gynecologists, and there are dudes with pelvic health problems, too (11:30)
  • Too many vaginas, too little pelvic specialists – the triage role of orthopedic and sports PTs, why it’s important, and how to get comfortable asking (12:49)
  • Julie’s #PelvicGatewayDrug courses – from female athletes, to pediatrics, to neurological populations… or German dancers? (17:43)
  • NEVER, ALWAYS, EVERYONE, and NO ONE – navigating scary statistics that’ll get your knickers in a twist (19:20)
  • Your normal vs. “air quote normal,” and how everyone wins by meeting in the middle of the pelvic floor bridge (26:54)

Find Julie’s blog, videos, courses, and more information on her website . Find her on Twitter @JulieWiebePT

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