In the second episode recorded in Costa Rica, Jimmy sits down with three more Marymount DPT students Diana, Anna, and Rachel to share stories and reflect on their experiences working with patients during their service learning trip. Each guest discusses at least one serious or touching encounter, one funny situation, and provides reasons why working PTs and other PT students should consider going on one of these trips.

Highlights include:

  • One student’s inspiration to return to school for a minor in Spanish so she can continue to give back to other countries
  • How another student was able to make an aggressive patient with a “don’t come near me” kind of vibe smile and laugh
  • A gastric fluid transfer incident!
  • An attempt to connect with a nun at Mass, and how it ended up benefitting a nurse instead
  • Treating what you see and working with what you’ve got
  • Gains in perspective, confidence, appreciation, compassion, and knowledge, and many other reasons to take the opportunity to go on a trip like this

…all that, and more laughs, inspiring tales, and motivating perspectives!