In the second episode from Costa Rica, Jimmy talks to four fellow Marymount DPT students, Lisa, Amber, Sarah, and Liz about the experiences they had on their service learning trip. Lisa and Jimmy drink Imperial beer, Amber drinks a Lagarta Fruity Ale, and Sarah and Liz drink margaritas.

Highlights include:

  • Serious and touching stories, including “oh shit” moments turned positive, a student’s consideration of adoption, improving a patient’s mobility, and working with real teen moms
  • Funny, laughter inspiring stories, from collapsible tunnel incidents and confusing similar sounding Spanish words, to encounters with one strong 96 year old nun and one siesta loving nun
  • Discussion of the realization that the PT role can be broken down into one simple recurring theme
  • Why PT students and/or working PTs should consider going on a trip like this
  • Take home phrases such as pura vida, “I’m grateful,” “I love helping people,” and be present

…and many more anecdotes with plenty of meaning and humor to make YOU want to be part of a service learning trip, too!