Episode 57: Jimmy McKay talks to Kyle Ridgeway, DPT. Kyle received a degree in neuroscience from Pomona College and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from University of Colorado Denver: Anschutz Medical Campus. Currently, he is the coordinator of a physical therapy quality improvement project in the medical intensive care unit at University of Colorado Hospital. Kyle is well known on social media for his critical assessments and skeptical inquiry. He writes at PT Think Tank, where his goal is to provide valuable insights and thought provoking considerations.  In this episode Ridgeway  talks about the necessity and calue of Acute Care PT; The Craft of Clinical Practice: Science, Experience, and Development; The Role of Science in PT Practice: What IS science?; Debate, Dissent, and Disagreement. The Triple Threat of Advancement?; “Evidence” Based Practice; Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, Metacognition, and Clinical Development ; Dry Needling, Manual Therapy, and fad PT treatment interventions; and What is the foundation and philosophy of PT? A history lesson.