Episode 37: Jimmy and Ryan Johnson are out at the Beer Garden Patio at NSC and neither seem to know what they’re drinking!

Ryan is an instructor at IPA (the Institute of Physical Arts) and talks about his path from Bartending to Instructing/Lecturing and practicing as a PT. He talks about how IPA is special in it’s 3D approach to treatments, and why we need to be able to asses location, direction and depth of a restriction and the three elements of movement he refers to as “the Pillars” of your diagnosis and treatment.

He talks about how PT’s are really good at using a clinical reasoning method in order to Dx an issue, but what about treatment? There are so many ways to treat patient’s, that we need to organize our approach with clinical problem solving.

This episode is interesting, informative, and motivating!!

You’re smart, you’re good looking, and dawg gone it, people like YOU!

Oh yeah and find out what PT’s have in common with bartenders……(you’re curious, right?)

Check out the Institute of Physical Arts website right here: http://www.instituteofphysicalart.com/index.php/