Episode 34: Concussions…are they balance, vestibular, or ocular in appearance?  Listen to Becky explain the progression of science, PT, and even sports trainers and equipment in the prevention and recovery from sports concussions!

This live interview takes place in Omaha at the National Student Conclave between session.  Becky Bliss discusses various tests for concussion and how having a deep understanding of objective measures can give away the true signs and symptoms of concussion.  ATC’s on the field and in the field house are being taught the VOMs and how to test for true signs and symptoms of concussion in order to keep players safe.  Becky talks about how we as PTs can take the objective measures from good concussion screens and help our patients prevent post concussion syndrome.

Host Jimmy McKay is sipping on a local Brickway Pilsner, while guest Becky Bliss enjoys a local gluten free cider…CHEERS!