Dr. Chuck Thigpen, Senior Vice President for Clinical Excellence at ATI, as we talk about the pivotal role of physical therapy in healthcare. We explore the Department of Defense’s recent acknowledgment of physical therapists as primary care providers and what it means for the future of musculoskeletal (MSK) care.

We had to start by congratulating Chuck on his recent induction into the Academy of Sports Physical Therapy Hall of Fame.

Key Message:

Physical therapy stands at the forefront of healthcare for MSK pain, offering a fundamental and essential approach to overall health akin to primary care. With the military setting a precedent, it’s time to recognize and utilize PT for its safe, effective, and cost-efficient benefits in the general population.

Supporting Points:


      • Safety and Efficacy of PT: Discover how physical therapy serves as a reliable and effective first course of treatment for MSK issues, setting the stage for a healthier future.

      • Improving Outcomes and Reducing Costs: Learn about the tangible benefits of choosing PT first, including enhanced patient outcomes and significant cost savings in healthcare.

      • Military Endorsement as a Benchmark: If the military, with its rigorous standards and focus on optimal performance, trusts in PT as a primary care solution, why shouldn’t we? Explore how this endorsement is a game-changer for public healthcare perceptions.

    Opportunity to Lead: This episode also highlights ATI’s leadership in the physical therapy profession, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to advancing healthcare. From the vast resources and experience ATI harnesses to deliver unparalleled care, to creating an engaging and supportive work environment, discover why ATI is not just a leader in physical therapy but also an exemplary place to work and collaborate.

    Chuck also gives more insight on a recent announcement from ATI on the topic of expanding research reach, ATI unveiled iMSKA, “iMSKA is dedicated to progressing quality clinical care with a focus on research. The institute was established to offer long-lasting and ongoing contributions to the growing body of scientific knowledge and evidence in the management of patients with MSK conditions.” More information here, https://i-mska.org/

    Dr. Thigpen brings a wealth of knowledge, backed by his extensive experience and the innovative practices at ATI, to shed light on how direct access to physical therapy is reshaping healthcare for the better. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, someone experiencing MSK pain, or simply interested in the future of healthcare, this episode offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of physical therapy as a primary care service.

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