Welcome to another riveting episode of PT Pintcast! Today, we’re hitting the road (virtually) with Matt Jurek, a trailblazing Physical Therapist who’s not only an RTM specialist for a leading private practice in Oregon but also the brain behind his own consulting firm. From his unique vantage point in an RV, traveling the vast landscapes of the US with his family, Matt partners closely with Physiotec and champions the effective delivery of RTM. In this episode, he generously shares the 10 things every PT professional should know about remote patient monitoring as we approach 2024. Buckle up and tune in!
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1. What is RTM and What Codes Should You Know?




    • Introduction to Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) and its corresponding billing codes.





2. Perspective Changes to RTM Rules in 2024





    • Overview of what’s new and what’s staying the same.





3. Insurance Companies and RTM





    • Which types of insurance companies are reimbursing? What’s their stake in RTM?





4. Workflow Optimization for PTs





    • Proven strategies and workflows that have led to RTM success.





5. Time Investment in RTM





    • Understand the time commitment for maintaining an RTM program.





6. Benefits to the Patient





    • How does RTM enhance patient experience and outcomes?





7. Benefits to the Clinic and Profession





    • How RTM can elevate your clinic and contribute to the profession.





8. Potential Revenue from RTM





    • A ballpark figure of what PTs can expect financially from implementing an RTM program.





9. Software Compliance: FDA & HIPAA





    • Key criteria to consider when choosing RTM software.





10. Clinic Requirements for RTM – Resources and infrastructure needed for effective RTM implementation.