Bailey Lanser is the physical therapist and athletic trainer for the Wisconsin Badgers. She completed her Sports Residency at the Cleveland Clinic developing a passion for interprofessional collaborative care and building genuine relationships with treating athletes. She is here to discuss how to quantify athlete load across different levels of care.

Episode Takeaways

    • Quantifying load across different levels of care such as team coaches, strength coaches, physical therapy and athletic training

    • Different communication models and strategies between all parties

    • Using high tech approaches to monitor load in athletes

    • Determining the primary load for each stages

Three Questions 

    1. Who would your NIL Deal brand be with? Chick-Fil-A

    1. What is great practice music? 2007-2017 hits on Spotify

    1. What advice would you give to aspiring DPT students to work at the collegiate sport level? The greatest experience with working with others outside of physical therapy.

Parting Shot

“Work with the people around you. People in long term rehab have load coming at them from all different angles. Communicate with the people that you work with. Try to find a way to quantify things and standardize them.” – Bailey Lanser 

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