Katie Butzu is an occupational therapist and assistive technology mentor for the Bay Arenac ISD (intermediate school district), Michigan Chapter Leader in Makers Making Change and currently collaborating with Makey Makey to use their tool as assistive technology. 

Makey makey is an easy to use invention kit that combines everyday objects with the internet. Katie’s youtube channel Creative Makers demonstrates how to use your everyday object with Makey Makey for rehab purposes. 

Working in the pediatric setting, Katie found 3D printing as a tool to improve patient outcomes. In Makers Making Change, Katie is a creator of 3D printing to build assistive devices for individuals with disabilities. 

PT Pintcast and The Onco PT are holding the first Virtual Oncology Physical Therapy Summit. Register here today. 


49:40 “When you think it is impossible, it’s possible.” – Katie Butzo