Lisa VanHoose is a physical therapist, researcher, educator, and equity warrior in the front lines addressing health disparities. She is founder of the Ujima Institute which is an inclusive space to improve health and wellness and raise the voices of Black communities. 

The Ujima Institute created three villages with support and a focus on female healthcare providers, individuals in underserved/non-served communities, and community based research. 

The Ujima Institute Toolkit is available for resources and guidance on anti-racism discussion and personal growth. 

100 multidisciplinary healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers collaborated to create the Black Rehabilitation Manifesto with a purpose to express the needs of the black rehabilitation community. 

Lisa and Mica Mitchell, PT, lead together Mindful Mondays to provide mindfulness and discussion for rehabilitation students and clinicians. See future dates by following the Ujima Institute on Twitter.


1:01:30 “Health disparities matter especially for our front liners working in the middle of COVID. We have to commit to health disparities…Do what you can within your village.” – Lisa VanHoose  



12:56 “I love listening to everyone’s commentary comparing the policing from January to the summer. That’s everyday in America.” – Lisa VanHoose 

16:34 “When you look around in a room and you keep saying that someone should do something about that. Then that someone is probably you.” – Lisa VanHoose 

18:09 My role as a human is to use that privilege to help elevate somebody else because you can’t be in all the lanes of traffic.” – Lisa VanHoose 

18:20 “A leader does not create more followers. A leader creates more leaders.” – Jimmy 

26:40 “COVID is just a manifestation of all these injustices that we’ve not addressed.” – Lisa VanHoose 

33:42 “How do we insert ourselves into places that maybe we don’t belong because that is where you make change.” – Jimmy  


6:59-7:54 I grabbed on to it because that was how I was raised… with the ujima institute we’re really focused on health and wellness in black communities 

11:30-12:10 Our congressional leaders were othered…. January 6th was definitely a wake up call 

30:56- 31:40 In my mind I see the ujima institute as a guide…. A big part of that conversation is provider bias

32:34-33:12 You can’t talk about transforming society if we don’t double down….who is the APTA of urban planners