What Do You Need To Know About Inter-Professional Care?

MeMe Earnest is a neurology resident graduate at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center, director of communications for MoveTogether, and practice lead for the Adaptive Sports SIG of AASPT.

Within her residency, she worked in an interdisciplinary team including PT, OT, SLP, chiropractor, PM&R, and other PT residents.

MeMe mentioned her #1 question from students was what does the day by day look like as a resident? She was performing a different task every day which included treating, teaching, presenting, receiving mentorship, and working a fitness wellness program called Gerofit.

As practice lead on the Adaptive Sports SIG, her job is to communicate on practice guidelines and research for advancing the treatment of adaptive athletes.


14:30 “Adaptive sport and wellness is the perfect solution to that, making sure you have opportunities for individuals with disabilities in your community is huge.”- MEME


25:15 “Meet the people where they are.” – MEME