What You Need to Know About Your Insurance and Disability Coverage

Will Butler is a physical therapist turned financial advisor on a mission to change healthcare by improving the lives of clinicians through financial education and planning.

Will posted an Instagram story about the importance of understanding disability insurance. He suggests physical therapists should consider insuring themselves due to the physical demand in patient care.

Short term disability refers to being out of work for 0-3 months. Will post the question what if a PT needs to be out longer than 3 months or indefinitely?

All physical therapists should be asking

–  Do I have disability benefits? Short term and long term?

–  What are the basics for short term and long term disability? Is there an elimination period? Any exclusions?

–  How long does long term disability last? 

To seek appropriate financial assistance, a financial advisor like Will is superior to a financial website or no assistance at all. Check out Will Butler to get all your financial questions answered.

If you have questions about loan repayment, Will recommends Joe Reinke who helps physical therapists strategize repayment plans. Check out Joe Reinke with FitBux.  


“The first person you blame is the last person you saw.” – WILL

“Respect a professional’s profession.” – JIMMY

“Know what the definition of disability is.” – WILL

“You need to understand what money is coming in and what money is going out grossly.” – WILL


59:44 “People need to save early, save often, and save differently. Quit worrying about what the person next to them might be doing.” – WILL