How To Leverage Your Passion With An Online Business With Aaron LeBauer

Aaron LeBauer is a physical therapist, owner of LeBauer Physical Therapy and host of The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast.

Experiencing a 40+ caseload in physical therapy school, Aaron opened his own cash-based physical therapy practice after graduation.

He consults with PT’s and other business owners about cash-based physical therapy and starting a practice through CashPT Blueprint. He believes the number one valuable resource is time and that should judge a business’s efforts and actions.

To save time, Aaron recommends hiring someone for a business task that does not require the business owner to complete. If you work for a company, investigate software assistance to save time answering customers and patients. 

Aaron is the author of The CashPT Blueprint book which is a strategy guide to help launch a cash practice and it is FREE! Check out Aaron’s Youtube channel for videos of tips and tricks on cash PT business.


12:18 “People who pay money pay more attention.” – AARON

14:29 “Some things that we do in our clinic is try to get people to walk out with something tangible that’s something other than just an exercise print out.” – AARON

29:57 “It is five times as hard to get a new person then it is to sell a second time to an existing customer.” – AARON


42:58 “It’s your time to leverage online, video, radio to reach massive amounts of people because everyone needs to know that when they get hurt or tweak their back, they need to see a PT.” – AARON