Elliot Cleveland is a physical therapist who works with marching athletes and started the Marching Health. In 2016, he was also the winner of the PPS Student Business Concept Contest.

He brings us back to why he became passionate for health and wellness for marching bands, drum corps, and marching arts. Today, he has created a niche market to serve understanding his target audience as he once was.

During PT school, Elliot teamed up with a high school drumline team to improve the physical and aerobic endurance of students to handle the requirements of drumline performance.

If you are wondering how intense drum lining and marching arts is, Elliot gives us the breakdown of long duration training extending for months, weather conditions, weight requirements, competitions, and travel included in participating on a drumline team in high school or college.

Check out this performance from the Bluecoats 2016 competition.

After PT school, Elliot wrote a blog called The Two Muscles Every Marching Percussionists Needs to Develop which reached 75,000 views. Starting with an idea has now turned into a Marching Health team serving as a clinic for high schools and colleges.


“Our big push with Marching Health is health and wellness but 50% of it is actually student leadership development and investing in young people.” – ELLIOT

“You need to go target the people that you represent the best and the people that you are.” – ELLIOT

“Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.” – JIMMY

“That is what you need to instill in yourself. You are the one.” – JIMMY

“The next step when you feel you are ready to take action is do it for free.” – ELLIOT


“Figure out who you want to serve, how you want to serve them, and make that product worth while for them.” – ELLIOT