Balancing Bicycle which gives advice about exercise, nutrition, and balancing life.

She defines intermittent fasting as the umbrella term for different types of fasting. It is more widely known for time that is restricted from eating. Cara emphasizes choosing the food you eat wisely when allowed to.  

Pros with intermittent fasting 

·        Matching fasting with circadian rhythm

·        Routine eating

·        Increase in IGF1 protein

·        Weight loss

Cons with intermittent fasting 

·        Planning

·        Scheduling

·        Consistency

Cara uses behavior change education with her patients to implement nutrition in clinical practice.

The typical intermittent fasting timeline is eating for 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours. Cara mentioned half of the fasting hours involve sleeping. Scheduling is essential to follow this plan of eating.

If interested in more information on intermittent fasting, check out Rhonda Patrick and her podcast.


“You cannot talk about exercise without talking about diet. They are so interrelated.” – CARA

“Unfortunately, there is never a quick fix.” – CARA

“’Life is like riding a bike. In order to maintain your balance, you must keep moving.’ – Albert Einstein” – CARA

“’The greatest failure in communication is to think it actually occurred.’ – George Bernard Shaw” – JIMMY


“Find your balance.” – CARA