Check out this episode from the Medical University of South Carolina where Jimmy was invited
to be the keynote speaker at the White Coat Ceremony. We talked to Dr. Lisa Saladin the Vice
President of the APTA and asked about her three-year term. We also talked to Dr. Sara Kraft the
Director of Neurologic Residency Program at MUSC about how she got involved in her position
and the struggles it came with. Lastly, Dr. Mark Bowden Director of DPT at MUSC talks about
his journey in the profession. Find out what our guests think that make MUSC unique. The episode
finishes with Aureus Medical answering questions about travel PT.

Parting shots:

Dr. Lisa Saladin: Get engaged in the APTA, build lifelong friendships, get into leadership.

Dr. Sara Kraft: Keep challenging yourself. The more challenges you face the further you are
going to get. Do not shy away from a challenge because that is how you grow.

Dr. Mark Bowden: Don’t lose the passion that brought you here.
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