Jimmy caught up with Ed Lecara, the movement based chiropractor to talk about IASTM with Smart Tools Plus.

Ed LeCara

With over 16 years of clinical experience as a strength coach, chiropractor and athletic trainer, I help active individuals prevent and overcome injuries so they can continue physical activities they love. I specialize in manual manipulation of the joints, soft tissue techniques like dry needling, active release technique, and instrument-assisted manipulation. I am passionate about finding the right exercises to help restore normal human movement. For more information about my sports injury and recovery clinics in Denver, CO, please visit www.KinetikChainDenver.com.

Smart Tools Plus: http://www.smarttoolsplus.com/

Ed Le Cara DC PhD MBA

2nd degree connection

Clinician Educator Consultant


Palmer College of Chiropractic-West

Degree NameD.C.

Field Of StudyDoctor of Chiropractic

Dates attended or expected graduation – 

Activities and Societies: Sports Council

Participated in Sports Council events and developed my hands-on therapeutic skills.


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