We took the show on the road again to Stony Brook University on Long Island NY.  We talked with faculty and students and then when we were done… headed to the bar to talk about PT over a beer.

Guest Bios:

Agnes McConlogue Ferro

Our next guest is named for her grandmother….in case anyone was curious.

She has a dance background and HAD NO interest in Pediatrics.

After taking the scenic route through higher education, she arrived in PT school and was assigned to a Pediatric setting for her first clinical affiliation…and has never looked back.

She has her PCS, just completed her t-DPT.

Agnes McConlogue Ferro

She has published and presented in the area of physical therapy goal-writing for the school-based therapist.

She co-created and co-directs a unique inclusive dance program, known as the DREAM (Dancers Realize Excellence through Arts and Movement) The belief is that all children can dance.

Project, with National Dance Institute (Kay Gaynor Wood and Aileen Barry) in Harlem NYC.  This program focus’ on partnerships between age-matched peers and children with a significantly wide variety of developmental disabilities.


1 ~ DREAM PROJECT Participation for children with developmental disabilities. – I love our dance program (obvious statement alert) but I am passionate about seeing that increase across the board to be whatever that child might see themselves doing: PTs should be a major part of helping the child/family realize those dreams.

2 ~Goal-setting – oh yes.  Perhaps not the most exciting topic to some but there are a few of us out there who have realized that appropriate and meaningful goal setting with the child and team members means more effective treatments and better results for the child. Period.

3 ~ Give-back – we need that, our patients need that. Not just to the international causes but to our patients directly. I deeply admire the PTs that ‘go the extra mile’ to help those on their caseload

Susan Miale  [email protected]

Susan graduated from the University of Scranton with her Master of Physical Therapy degree in 2000.

Susan received her DPT from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in 2008 and is a PCS

She is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Education (EdD) program at University of St. Augustine to obtain her terminal doctoral degree.

She began her career at The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University Medical Center where she gained experience in acute care, outpatient ortho, neuro, and both inpatient and outpatient peds.  In 2006, Susan was hired by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where she maintained the position of Physical Therapy Pediatric Specialist.  Served as the Chair of the Pediatric Oncology Special Interest Group , EDGE PEDS oncology outcome measures.

– physical therapy education (less lecture, more activity in the classroom)

– pediatric oncology rehabilitation

– hospital based PT, including chest PT (airway clearance)

Favorite Drink: Water….and sometimes red wine

Sue Ann Sisto

Is a PT professor and researcher focusing on recovery after spinal cord injury.

Her Graduate and post-doctoral work focused on biomechanics, motor control and activity monitoring with body worn sensors.


Wrote a textbook on SCI Rehabilitation

Evidence and research focused on neurological recovery particularly after a spinal cord injury.

Neuromodulation techniques such as electrical stimulation and magnetic stimulation to improve muscle/bone/cardiovascular health and physical function after neurological injury/disease.

Goal to Creating a physical space in the community for people with neurological injury/disease such as spinal cord injury, where people can continue a lifetime of health and wellness.

Goal of improving walking function and health after spinal cord injury through the use of locomotor training and neuromodulation techniques.  She’s also a past President of ACRM (American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine)

Favorite Drink: Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte

Eric Lamberg

He is the chair of the PT program at Stony Brook University and is a tenured Associate Professor.

He is also the Head Coach of the US National Amputee Soccer Team and is married to his wife Andrea and has three kids, Jack, Max and Lily.

We talked:

Amputee Soccer Team and our international competitions and why a PT fits so nicely in with it

Favorite Drink: Tito’s and Soda with a lime

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