Your advertising dollars need to bring about a return no matter what industry you’re in.  So with an ever expanding digital world, what advantages do podcasts bring advertisers within the field of Physical Therapy?

They listen everywhere.

Podcasts are audio only, which seems like it could be a DISadvantage when compared to video.  But this allows it to be a truly mobile medium.

According to 32% listen while they workout, 52% in the car, 37% on public transportation, 46% while traveling and 40% while walking / running / biking.

The takeaway point here is, podcasts are mobile and so are your listeners.  And when you advertise with a podcast, the device they need to hear you is never more than arm’s length away.

They are loyal.

88% of listeners of a show, listen to most or all all episodes. Finding a podcast that speaks to you can be hard, but once podcast listeners do, they stick around. Consuming north of 8/10 of everything that show puts out is a major reason why advertising to that audience is important.  How many times do you have to tell your kids to clean their room?  Once?  Likely much more than once.  The same is true for buying decisions in adults.  Advertising on a podcast doesn’t require minutes of telling the audience what to do.  Being in their ear (pun intended) with frequency over time can alter buying decisions of your audience.

They’re engaged.

61% of podcast listeners report buying something they hear about on a podcast. When you build a relationship between host and listener, it’s built on trust.  The audience trusts that they will get great content and in turn the host gets the audience to come back over and over.  The audience also trusts that the show will partner with reputable groups that advertise with them that solve problems that they need solving.  In the end that relationship benefits all parties which is what makes audiences and advertisers come back to podcasts over and over.

It works.

98% of podcast advertisers are repeat buyers.  Imagine if 98% of your patients came back to use your product or service?! If partnering with a podcast didn’t work, brands like Dunkin Donuts, HBO, Procter & Gamble, Allstate, eBay, GE, Netflix, State Farm & Squarespace wouldn’t come back for branding and call to action campaigns time and time again.

*Statistics from

Here’s a BONUS reason!

For those that said to me when I started PT Pintcast… “I don’t get where the beer… fits in?”  Besides setting the stage for a conversation rather than a presentation, the relationship between beer drinkers and podcast listeners… is big!

We saw the latest release from Neilsen insights, and the relationship is BIG.

Take a look here: Neilsen Podcast Insight 2017 report

The numbers are BIG!

So, if you need to reach an audience that spends three BILLION dollars of their disposable income per year, look no further than PT Pintcast.

Jimmy McKay is a unique hybrid in the field of Physical Therapy. A degree in Journalism and Mass Communication lead to a fifteen year career as a radio program director & on-air personality added to a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He created and launched the PT Pintcast a leading podcast in the field of Science & Medicine.