We ask experts in different aspects of PT to answer 1 question with a 6-pack of answers.

Today we ask Kaitlyn Shaug of BuildPT.com 

“What are the 6 things that EVERY physical therapy website NEEDS to have to be successful?”

  1. Mobile Responsive. A majority of web users use a mobile device. A mobile responsive website allows your site to be properly viewed and optimize on any device.
  2. “Patient Friendly” design. A user-friendly website is important for any website. A good physical therapy website shows why a viewer should become a patient at your clinic. With that in mind, the design and flow should be built for patients.
  3. Updated Technology. The technology and backend of a website is commonly overlooked by most business owners. If your website is monitored and updated regularly, then the functionality and performance of your site will diminish overtime.
  4. Calls-to-Action. Make it easy as possible for a user to contact you through your website. Display your phone number, address, areas your clinic is located, and easy-to-use web forms throughout your site is crucial. Using an incentive (like a free posture analysis) well increase your conversions.
  5. Showcase Services. Many people do not know they need physical therapy. Individually displaying your specific or specialty services allows the web viewer recognize that can treatment at your clinic. Some examples: (Back pain/Spin care, Sports injuries, Knee pain, etc.)
  6. Updated Content/Content Marketing. Keeping your content fresh shows viewers and search engines that your site is updated and relevant. Consistently adding content to your website (like utilizing a blog) allows your site to grow.


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