In this episode of PT Pintcast, Jimmy chats with Carol Mack, DPT, SCS, CSCS, about sports PT and going out on the limb of starting her own cash-based practice. Carol enjoys a cinnamon sugar rimmed Great Lakes Christmas Ale, and Jimmy enjoys a Jolly Traveler Winter Shandy.

Carol is a former athlete, playing soccer through college at Duquesne University. She worked for 9 years at the Cleveland Clinic as chair of the Match Fit Soccer Rehab Performance Program, and co-coordinator of their Sports PT Residency program. Carol recently began her own sports PT practice, Cleveland Sports PT and Performance, and is currently the Chair of the APTA sports section’s Female Athlete SIG, as well as the content editor for the sports section website.

Highlights include:

  • Coaching connections – additional networking you may not have considered
  • Female focus – what does the female athlete SIG entail?
  • Are you ready to treat LeBron James? How building professional relationships and participating in hypothetical case discussions can prepare you for the big time
  • Navigating the trapeze without the net; networking and mentoring resources within the sports section to keep the ideas bouncing after graduation
  • Taking the leap to open a practice and approaching the scary business side of PT
  • The BEST way to market yourself: Make patients your walking, talking business card
  • The vision for the future of sports PT: the niche areas of practice may be more obvious than you think

For more information, visit Carol’s website at:

or find her on Twitter: @CLESportsPT