Our Mission: Drink Beer, Talk PT & Record It.

How did it all begin?

Two years ago, host Jimmy McKay ventured to the NEXT conference in Charlotte, NC as a 1st year PT student, and loved it!  It was in a particular session about training tactical athletes that impacted him, "I was a first year student, the presentation was fascinating but, I only understood about a third of what the presenter was saying.  It was over my head, but the parts I did understand made me want to know more but there was no way I was going to raise my hand in the middle of a room full of 300 PT's and say, Yeah, this sounds great, but i'm lost, can you start again?"  So he kept his mouth shut and nodded along.

Fast forward to that night, at a PT happy hour, Jimmy spotted the presenter standing at the bar.  "I was two beers deep and figured, what the hell, I'll just go ask what he was talking about.  He was really excited that I wanted to know more, and very conscious of the fact that I was a first year student.  He didn't talk like he did during the presentation, he talked to me like, we were just two people talking PT over a beer."

These were the kinds of conversations that he loved hearing!  Real, candid, intelligent conversations about PT.  He could ask the questions and they would answer.

Talking to people is such a passion of his because before coming to PT school Jimmy was a rock radio DJ.  Interviewing bands like Linkin Park, Dave Matthews Band, Shinedown, Staind, Ozzy Osbourne, Bush, Breaking Benjamin & Foo Fighters prepared Jimmy to be comfortable holding a microphone and a conversation.

Jimmy interviewing the Foo Fighters while the host of "Afternoons with McKay" on WBSX-FM.

At that PT happy hour event, he couldn't help but turn on that little part of his brain that still had some "radio" left in it.

What if we could talk to the leading minds in PT, in a relaxed and conversational format?  What if we could talk to them like we were sharing a pint of beer with them?

Apparently we can.  After the first month of episodes this 100% student run podcast had more than 10,000 downloads and have interviewed some of the top minds in Physical Therapy.

So, subscribe to the PT Pintcast, grab a cold beer and take a listen.



Award Winning!

The PT Pintcast was selected as the winning submission the annual orthopedic residency scholarship award offered by the Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy.  The contest asked "How will you lead the next generation of Physical Therapists?"