What’s a “PT Hell Yeah Project”?

It’s something created by a PT for the profession, a patient or society as a whole.  You know, those projects that PTs come up with and work on after work, on weekends or in the spare seconds they have between patients?  THOSE projects.  The ones you hear about from a fellow PT, you start nodding along and think “Hell Yeah! I’m glad someone is doing something like this!”

Some examples of “Hell Yeah PT Projects” are the PT’s that started a sustainable PT clinic in Haitihacking battery powered ride on cars for mobility impaired kids or creating a day of the year just to show what PT is capable of to the world!

PT Hell Yeah Projects are everywhere!  And we don’t want to keep them quiet!

So, if you know of a PT Hell Yeah Project that deserves some attention, let us know and we’ll feature it on the show!

*They should be created with a Physical Therapist or for Patients of Physical Therapy.
*They should make us and the audience say “Hell Yeah!”

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