#ThrowbackThursday – Graduation Episode with Skye Donovan

Jimmy talked to Dr. Skye Donovan, chair of Marymount University’s DPT program just before his graduation. She gives her address to the class of 2016, but the advice that she dispels over Guinness is timeless. #TBT

199 – Kristen Powers – Doc Filmmaker / Huntington’s Disease Advocate

Jimmy talks with Kristen Powers, who produced her own documentary film about her life as she goes through with genetic testing to determine is she carries the genetic markers for Huntington’s Disease.  The disease claimed the life of her mother and she has an amazing perspective about how far the effect of one diagnosis can spread.

#ThrowbackThursday – Episode 4 with Erik Meira

We go back to Episode 4, originally released on Sept 1 2015, part of the original 6-pack of episodes that we launched the podcast with. Erik was nice enough to say “yes” to talking with Jimmy who was a 3rd year student at the time and hadn’t released an episode yet. He talked about his path to becoming a sports PT and shared his insights on how to stand out and get ahead as a PT. Spoiler alert: the answer is SHOW UP! Erik is also an accomplished podcast host, with several shows hosted at http://ptpodcast.com/ including one of Jimmy’s favorites, PT Inquest. Where he and JD Matheson take a look at Physical Therapy research and make outstanding puns.

198 – Jackie Price fights back from CF & Double Lung Transplants

Jimmy shares milkshakes with Jackie Price who’s lived with Cystic Fibrosis. Recently she underwent a double lung transplant and talks about how PT plays a role in #CysticFibrosis and #Transplant health. She’s raising funds to cover the large cost of her double lung transplant. You can help here: https://cota.donorpages.com/PatientOnlineDonation/COTAforTeamJackieP/

197 – Blair Casey from Team Gleason on Caregiving w ALS

Jimmy talks with Blair Casey, Steve Gleason’s close friend and caregiver.  Steve a former NFL football player with the New Orleans Saints is currently living with ALS.  His recent documentary “Gleason” tells a fantastic story about his life.  They talk over Vanilla Bean Porter and Vodka about Technology and Neuro patients, what Steve is like and how Blair got his nickname.

195 – Women’s Health Section President(s) Pat Wolf & Julie Jenner

Jimmy crashes the section on Women’s Health 40th Birthday Party while @ CSM in San Antonio.  While the rest of the section is getting down on the dance floor Jimmy and SOWH SSIG President Julie Jenner & Section President Pat Wolf talk things down under.

185 – Tactical Athlete PT w/ Jake Morrow & Rich Westrick

In this episode, Jimmy talks to Rich Westrick who is the Tactical Athlete SIG President and an active-duty Army officer currently serving as the Deputy Chief of the Military Performance Division at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine in Natick, Mass and Jake Morrow, a Firefighter/Paramedic serving in the Los Angeles area & a U.S. Army Reserve Physical Therapist.

They talk about what Tactical Athlete PT involves (Military, Fire, Police, EMT…), research projects that both of the guests are involved in & Physical Therapy careers within the military setting.

The episode is recorded @ CSM in San Antonio Texas.

184 – Sue Falsone Dodgers PT & Dry Needling

In this episode Jimmy speaks with Sue Falsone live from CSM 2017.   We learn about dry needling, her journey to becoming the first female head athletic trainer in professional sports and how sommelier training can show us that little sips of knowledge from other profession will improve our practice.

Check out Sue’s bio & links here.

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183 – OPTIM Fellowship from CSM

In this episode, we talk with OPTIM Fellows Jenn, Brian, & Jim, we talking going beyond the degree with con-ed. Interested in residency or fellowship? What’s the learning curve like? Why would you do it?

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182 – LeeAnne Carrothers PT in Alaska

In this episode on physical therapy in Alaska with LeeAnne Carrothers, we learn all about why vitals are so important. How can PTs monitor cardiovascular disease? What types of patients do you see in Alaska?

For LeeAnne’s bio & episode highlights, click here.

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The Prehab Guys: Changing the World

181 – The Prehab Guys on PT & Social Media

In this episode, Jimmy talks  to Arash & Craig, two of the three Prehab Guys, as they stand at the edge of 100k followers on Instagram. The Prehab Guys (students out of USC) show you how to exercise…simply. They tell us about raising PT awareness, getting people to move, and long distance relationships. (Shout out to Michael Lau in China!)

For their bios & episode highlights, click here.

Check out their new website here.

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Matt Day: Helping the Homeless

180 – Matt Day talks PT service with the Homeless

In this episode live from San Antonio, we talk to Matt Day about PT community service. He tells us about his initiatives with Homeless Connect and his missionary work. Think outside the box, and get out in your community. There are tons of ways to give back!

Check out Matt’s bio & episode highlights here.

PT Pintcast proudly poured by Aureus Medical. Travel & direct hire opportunities nationwide.